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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that records every decision that you have made over your lifetime, and the lifetimes before as well! It is a record of your Soul's history since the moment of its creation, and through this you can discover who you are at a Soul Level and the gifts you have that are the key to unlocking your abundant life of happiness and success.

Soul Blueprint

When the Soul is designed and brought into existence by The Creator, whomever you believe that to be, there is is an energetic blueprint that is used to create You. This blueprint doesn't talk about your eye colour or your height; it represents the unique energetic makeup of your Soul. 

The largest portion of energy that makes up your Soul is called your Primary Energy. This represents the gifts and traits that are innate to you, and it is by expressing yourself through these gifts that you receive and express energy from Source and the world around you. 

When you make choices that use your innate abilities, it puts you in a state of alignment with your blueprint. These are called Positive Choices, and are unique to you. Anything that takes you out of this aligned state are Negative. Here lies the true power of knowing your Soul Blueprint: knowing what is positive and negative for you

Think of a beam of light from a flashlight. When there is nothing in the way, that beam is bright and strong. If the lens of the flashlight starts to get covered up, that beam weakens. This is what happens to the human Soul. Our Soul Blueprint is like the lens: when we are aligned to it, we are full of energy. If we start to move out of alignment, our energy starts to fade, and our ability to create an abundant life weakens.

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"The Soul is an infinite ocean of just beautiful energy and presence made manifest in human form."

- Panache Desai

Blueprint Blocks

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When someone is bullied at a young age, those memories and emotions from those specific events can impact their life as an adult. These memories need to be addressed so you can move forward. This is what needs to be done for your Soul as well.

Part of a Soul Blueprint reading is identifying energetic blocks and restrictions that are interfering with your ability to move forward in life. Just like that young child, there are energetic memories of events that your Soul has that are affecting your life today. Some of these can even be from past lives, and with no active knowledge of those events, it can be difficult to understand why the same set of circumstances seem to repeat in your life.

These blocks were choices that you previously made that took you significantly out of alignment with your Soul. 

The good news is that the old adage of "knowledge is power" hold true. Once you know what is causing this misalignment, you are empowered to make new choices that bring you into harmony with your Soul Self.

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How Does a
Reading Work?

As your Soul Blueprint is stored in the energetic Akashic Records, it then has to be accessed energetically. To make sure the right Soul is being identified, you would be asked for a few key pieces of information: your present name, your name at birth, your date of birth, and where you were born. This makes sure that the Soul information is Your information. 

Just like search terms in a search engine, specific questions are then asked of your Akashic Record. Once the information from your record is collected, it is then put into a full report for you with explanations of what each element means.

Available Packages

Ready to learn about your Soul on a new level? 

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Essential Soul Blueprint Reading

Ready to step into your Divine Potential? Filled with the tools to support you on your journey, this package can boost your ability to embrace your Divine Soul. 


This package includes:

  • Soul Blueprint Reading with an Enhanced Divine Soul Being written report detailing your pertinent information from your record.

  • 21 Day Energy Reset Clearing for you to support your new journey of embracing your Soul Blueprint.