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Emotion Code

The events we experience in life have the ability to shape our present and future. But what if these experiences go deeper than we realize? What if the emotions that go along with those experiences are actually stuck with you, shaping how you see the world and people around you? Influencing the choices you make in your life? 

This is happening to almost everyone on the planet, and most don't even realize it. These emotions could be what's stopping you from living the life you desire, and they are hidden from human sight. The good news is that these emotions can be released quickly and effectively, freeing you to live the life of abundance and happiness you desire!

What are Trapped Emotions?

The world around you is made from energy; from the chair you sit on to the food you eat. That also means that experiences like emotions are made of energy as well. When we experience an event or thought that triggers an emotion, that energy gets processed by your body. If your body isn't able to fully process and release this energy, it can become trapped and start to impact your life. 

When emotions remain trapped, they can start to distort the natural healthy energy of your body, much like a small pebble in your shoe. For the first little bit, it may be annoying but you can ignore it. But the longer it remains there it starts to irritate to the point your foot is screaming for you to address it. Emotions act the same way when stuck, causing subtle issues or irritations in your life until they get so loud you have to notice them. This can be physical/emotional pain, or it can be habits or circumstances that you keep trying to change but can never get quite right.

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"There are powerful invisible forces constantly at work in our lives, things we often take for granted, such as radiation, gravity, electromagnetism: too little and life on earth would not be possible, too much and we'd all be dead! But we also have to include human emotion on the list of forces that shape us. Love, hate, fear, anger, and gratitude are just a few emotions that uniquely and powerfully impact life as much as anything else on the planet. That's why neuroscientists, psychologists, and physiologists have spent the last few decades intensely researching and demonstrating the profound effects that emotion have on how we think and behave, and also on our personal health, wellness, energy levels, and overall vitality."

- Excerpt from Tony Robbin's foreward in The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Can Trapped Emotions Effect us Physically?

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When we think of the human body, we have a tendency to think of it disjointedly. Back pain makes us wonder if we lifted something wrong, or injured the area directly. But the body is smarter and more advanced than this. The complete ecosystem of the body is finely balanced to work in complete harmony. This becomes apparent when we delve into how the pain in one area suddenly effects areas throughout the body. 

When emotions are unable to process through the body, they become trapped. The question then becomes: where are they? If there is already a weak spot in the body, such as an old injury, this can be a popular location for emotions to lodge themselves. Much like in the image above, once there is an emotion stuck in your body, it will start to distort the energy of that specific area which can often lead to chronic issues that can never seem to go away.

Emotional energy is so complex that the body can be effected in another way. At the instance of a seemingly insignificant injury or pain, if you are experiencing an emotion at that time, it can also become trapped. Just like how some people with knee problems can experience flares during different weather patterns, if there was an emotion tied to that injury, when you experience that emotion again, it can be like a reminder, triggering pain or soreness at that spot.

Do you experience...

  • Back Pain

  • Chronic Pain

  • Headaches

  • Menstrual Cramps

  • Allergies

  • Insomnia

  • Sinus Problems

  • Knee or Join Discomfort

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Numbness

  • Eczema or Skin Issues

Trapped Emotions may be making it worse!

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Can Trapped Emotions Influence our
Habits and Thoughts?

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If you have ever found yourself doing something on autopilot for no reason, or tried to change something in your life but found yourself going back to an almost "default" habit, then you may have trapped emotions! 

Emotions can become trapped while we are doing any activity. Those emotions can then influence how we feel about that activity. Embarrassment or anxiety from a giving a school presentation can cause us to feel these emotions about any kind of public speaking.


If the habits are unhealthy, like eating a certain food when we are sad, the chain of event can even be reversed! If we were eating that food and we got sad news, then any time we feel that emotion, you end up desiring that food.

Many of our habits are driven by emotional associations - which is why when we let go of those emotions, we find ourselves no longer doing, or feeling resistance to, that activity.

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Do you struggle with...

  • Food Cravings

  • Smoking

  • Nail Biting

  • Stress & Worry

  • Panic Attacks

  • Procrastination

  • Limited Beliefs

  • Claustrophobia

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Caffeine or Sugar Addictions

Trapped Emotions may be at the root!

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